Authenticity in a Digital World

In today’s culture, social media is everything. It’s what we do, it’s what we think about, and it’s how we build our brand. Platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook help us with documenting our lives, and Instagram is the ‘mecca’ if you will. What we do, who we see, ultimately our actions big or small, end up on numerous social media platforms; through stories, posts, comments or likes, we always seem to be “on”, even when we claim to be off. With building a brand comes responsibility, and in the current times, it’s important to create a social media platform in order to become successful in whatever field you’re in. There’s responsibility in having a voice, in gaining a following, just hoping that the numbers go up; whether that be with followers, likes, or the amount of engagement you get between you and your audience, and honestly, that can equate to a lot of pressure when you have other things going on in your everyday life. Of course, this is nothing new; these are things we know because that’s just what life is. It can be difficult trying to stand out in a world where everybody is trying to fit in with what’s on trend, but it’s how you handle the pressure of it all that truly allows you to be different from the rest of the crowd. With my own personal brand, I like to be connected to my audience, but it’s still something I am learning to balance in my day to day activities. Just how I am with my clients, I feel that connection is the greatest quality one can possess, and it’s important for that to cross over onto the platforms I use, such as Instagram, or even this blog, which I plan on utilizing a lot more! This is just another great way for me to connect to the audience I have, and a way for my future followers to delve a little deeper into the person I truly am. It’s so incredibly imperative to stay true to who you are in the process of building the brand you wish to convey to the world because the most important thing at the end of the day is using the voice you have to grow in the most authentic way possible. I’m excited to keep learning and am looking forward to connecting with you all along the way! 

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