getting to know your models

getting to know your models: as most people know, NYFW can be a super hectic time. people running back and forth, clothes being thrown around, and countless photographers trying to capture THE same exact shot of the season. It can be difficult to create true relationships and have real conversations with the models behind the scenes. For me, it’s always super important to connect with the models prior to snapping their picture; it’s something I pride myself on. Due to the hustle and bustle going on backstage, it isn’t always possible for the models to have the privacy they deserve. Before capturing this moment, I made sure to really get to know Grace, not as the model, but as the person. We connected over our shared feelings of the NYFW scene, and eventually I kindly asked her if I could take her photo. Of course, a million other photographers ran to capture the same exact shot, but the difference is, I had the real connection. I felt like I knew Grace on a deeper level, and I knew that the picture, whom countless other photographers captured would be a special moment for us. Not because I’m the one who asked for the picture, but because it was a connection that many others didn’t share. That’s what makes this shot so special to me! How do you connect with the people around you?!

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